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We work with the UK's top insurance companies to provide replacement vehicles after accidents making sure innocent parties stay mobile until their own vehicles are repaired or a cheque is received in the cases where their vehicle is written off.
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MPH ASSIST are a customer focused Credit Hire Operator offering a, complete and flexible nationwide service for people involved in Non-Fault accidents.

Utilising our comprehensive fleet of new vehicles across our nationwide repair network, our experienced team assists individuals and businesses alike in resolving all issues normally associated with non-fault accidents.

Just give us a call if you've had an accident, and as long as it’s not your fault, we'll get you a like for like replacement vehicle often within in as little as 4 hours. You don't have to be a member, and the cost is recovered on your behalf from the other person's insurance company. We also provide a full accident management service, leaving you free to get on with your life hassle and stress free.

Britain is home to 30 million vehicles which travel some 36 billion miles each year. With those numbers it’s hardly surprising there are 10,000 reported accidents each and every day from minor scrapes to fatal accidents.
Around 5,000 drivers each day suffer loss or injury that is not their fault, why should you be inconvenienced or suffer loss through a negligent third party?

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MPH ASSIST offer a complete and flexible nationwide service for people involved in Non-Fault accidents.

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